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Riya Panjabi is a creative director & film maker based in Mumbai, India.

As a visual storyteller, she embarks upon creative challenges by blending artistic & commercial concepts for our contemporary, digital age. By taking on bold, unique creative projects, she asserts herself as an art director that brings people of various artistic mediums to stop, think & connect on a shared platform. Ultimately as a producer, she has forged her own breed of editorials for social media & filmography in Mumbai, as well as overseas.
Having worked with a broad range of international luxury brands & collaborated with numerous artists - as well as production houses - she emulates her personality in her work through vibrancy in color palettes, while simultaneously drawing inspiration from themes of past and present. Building artistic content for clients by dawn, she dedicates hours to work on larger-scale film projects by dusk to create her own brand of vividly luxurious production value.
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